Todays market exchange rate US dollar - Myanmar Kyat you find here

Update 20th oktober 2013

Things are changing in Myanmar,for tourists changing money is easier,black market changing almost gone,banks giving the best rates. Some thirty ATMs are available in Myanmar.Yet it is wise to bring all currency in yourself. All notes US dollar and euro should be in mint condition.

Lots of tourists are expected to come and prices are rising over and over again . It can be difficult to find a room for less than 50 dollar in Yangon during the tourist season.At the beach it is almost impossible. Now that tourists are coming in greater numbers it will get clear Myanmar has not got the capacity to accomodate all of them properly.There are reports from people having a very difficult time finding a place to stay for the night.Yangon and Mandalay being the most difficult. Since starting 2012 several price adjustments were made ; lots of hotels raised the roomrate with 300-400 % The Central in Yangon which costed 27 dollar july 2011 charges you 80 dollars for the cheapest room one year later.If you go to Naypitaw, the new capital, where enormous amounts of hotels are being build,the story is somewhat different, yet prices are not low. The average price of a hotelroom is about 50 dollar a day during the high season.For Mandalay the price is about 75 dollar. It still is possible to have cheaper accomodation if the number of tourists is low, prices between 10- 25 dollar a night still there. Yet the higher prices are more realistic.Until 2011 a room for 25 dollar was considered expensive in Myanmar, nowadays the sky is the limit.

For Myanmar people life seems to get more relaxed also,there are changes that make one hopeful for the future,yet the army in some areas still is in heavily conflict with ethnic minorities like Kachin, Karen and Shan. Also in Rakhine state civil unrest caused by ethnic and religious violence, shows Myanmar still has a long way to go.

Turbulent times, where information that is new today, tomorrow can be completely obsolete.

I added some new pictures from a 2012 trip to Loikaw in Kayah state, Naypitaw and more throughout the site.

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